Do you use/need online deliveries? Then you need to speak up

I thought I’d start a separate post for this, because we have to do something loud and fast to ensure those that are reliant upon the delivery of groceries/supplies/medicines are treated as priorities.

The UK government have created a register for people who are “highly vulnerable” to the virus, but that list does not include any physical/learning disabilities and it also does not include about 70% of their “at increased risk” list either.

However, the list is going to be the only thing used by supermarkets and other suppliers to prioritize customers for delivery services.

That means disabled/vulnerable people who have always relied on delivery services are going to ignored in favour of people who are perhaps physically able but just more at risk of the virus, who will be getting priority for services now, which disabled/vulnerable folks have used as a vital lifeline day to day pre-outbreak.

It’s only a matter of time before increased demand forces more and more supermarkets, chemists, and other suppliers to use the priority list and ignore others in need.

If you could take a few minutes and send a message to the Department of Health and Social Care via their online form and raise concerns about the online shopping priority being given out based only on the extremely vulnerable list, and not all those people the government have highlighted as more highly vulnerable to this virus. Question if they have plans to create a second register for those with disabilities and the people they have declared “at increased risk”.

Also, if you could write a short email raising concerns to Matt Hancock himself, and your local MP it might help get the ball rolling within the government before those with disabilities start to really suffer and lose out on services they’ve always relied on.

Matt Hancock - and/or

You can find your local MP and their contact information here

We really need to make a stink about this, because it’s won’t be long before people who have always had a need for delivery services are forgotten about and forced to put themselves at risk (thus putting more strain on the NHS/social care system).

We have to have our voices heard and show that people with disabilities and their carers must be treated a priority in this situation too!


Only today the Government have announced the release of their " Extremely Vulnerable " list to the major supermarkets.

Trouble is … as highlighted in the second link … how accurate is that list ???

Thank you for raising this. Will email

Thanks, Cloudygal. I hope the more people who make a stink the quicker the government will realise they’ve missed a whole section of society who are reliant on these types of services.

Apparently supermarkets will only help if the online account is in the name of the person who is vulnerable.

So carers using accounts to get deliveries for family members/carees can whistle for help apparently. What a joke!

One for Carers UK to clarify ?

Judging by several recent postings , hardly any area which is proving to be beneficial to family carers.

In fact , quite the reverse.

The words INVISIBLE and ABANDONED , mentioned on another recent thread , seem to be the real buzz words as the crisis deepens , nationwide ?



Well that’s ridiculous when the person has learning difficulties or dementia etc or lives with the carer. If they cannot be left alone nor understand the rules for social distancing - where does that leave them?



My hubby was ready and waiting after 12 pm on the internet to get an online shop

He was looking three weeks ahead.

12.30 came and no slots came up they were gone already.

He was dog tired, had a stinking headache from lack of medication for a health condition as due to caring he cant always remember to order it when re runs out.

I could see he was getting stressed. I told here would have to try and access a volunteer on that day.

I think the slots had already been taken.

I’m on the vulnerable list or nonilst I should say and cant go physically shopping.

Same here, Cloudygal,
Been in the online queue for a slot at midnight too, every night this week. Even if log on internet before midnight, the page refreshes and then it appears you go to the back of the queue.



We think we will have to get a volunteer as we cannot afford to pay the company too often.

Determined we will not risk going to shops .

Is your council arranging volunteers in your area?

I repeat here what I said on another thread…….

Tesco’s slogan, “Every little helps,” sounds very hollow for the elderly.

Unlike Sainsbury, which gives priority slots every week for the over 75s if they have a
nectar card or have had previous orders with them.

Thanks Sainsbury for, "Every little helps elderly.*

I am not elderly but in the vulnerable group so whole family self isolating for three months.

Hubby tried tesco again last night.
Got in queue before 12 however at 12 02 am there were no slots at all.

He was getting quite stressed and had a bad headache. This was in top of a hard day caring for two sons…one of whom is difficult to get to bed.

He delays all the time…so we did not sit down till 11 pm.

After initially not getting any slots about a month ago we then managed it for a while by booking in advance but now cant get anything not even in advance.