Challenges carers are facing in accessing food

Dear Carers UK members

Together with 23 other charities Carers UK has written to the Government and supermarkets about the challenges many of you are facing accessing food during the coronavirus crisis.

We’re urgently calling for:

  1. Supermarkets to make sure everyone with a disability, those at increased risk of coronavirus and unpaid carers get priority access to supermarkets and home deliveries of food
  2. Government to work with us to make sure no one misses out on the support they need
  3. Government to provide information about the help available for people struggling to access food.
  4. Supermarkets to make their services more accessible for older, disabled people and their unpaid carers.

We will continue to work hard to make sure the mechanisms are in place so that you can access essential food and support during this time.

With good wishes


Hi Michael. Is this letter available for us to read.? Please would you post a link. Thank you.

Even if granting the whole package , implementation will be another matter.

Online … how will one prove he / she is a vulnerable person … releasing personal data to a supermarket ?

The new poor falling through the gap of being classed vulnerable , and in a queue for the paperwork needed to access a food bank ?

Supermarket … millions out there are vulnerable , what identification will be needed at times … for example , a family carer not claiming CA or other benefits ?

Social distancing … a carer pushing his / her caree in a wheelchair … caree cannot be left alone , no Internet access … access granted or declined ?

Just a few thoughts ahead of whatever comes out of sending the letter.

Sad reality is that almost everyone is claiming to be in a special, vulnerable group! - including companies, partnerships, self employed…

Hi Rosemary - I’m afraid I don’t have a copy of the letter to share with you but will post it in this thread if it’s publically available.


Thanks, Michael.

Some Supermarkets have made special times available for the Elderly, NHS Workers and some others.
Our local Borough Council (Runnymede) have been incredibly helpful in very many ways. Offers of shopping, collecting prescriptions, a listening , caring ear. They have been really supportive.