Re: Sorry.... coronavirus post


I’ve been gone for a while (sorry :frowning: ) but I really need some support and a chat. I am a carer for my husband who has complex health needs and is immuno-suppressed. So coronavirus is freaking me out so much, especially since he often gets chest problems. I am so stressed because he is in a high risk group. I am trying to stay calm, but he has developed a dry cough and a slight temperature. I just don’t know what they expect full time carers to do. I’ve done everything suggested by the government (which isn’t much to be honest- do they even care?!), and it still seems something might have gone wrong.

I am not really asking anything I guess. Just so stressed out it’s unbelievable.

Sorry for whinging.

Hi Jess

It’s totally OK to feel this way. As many of us do!! There are a lots of us carers and cared for in the high risk group.There have been several posts this week. And I guess many more will come.

It’s almost like unpaid carers should have a separate help line.

As paid carers can speak with managers and colleagues.

Are you connected to a local carers group. Some carers group provide weekly phone calls. Which it sounds you could benefit from.

All we can do at the moment is follow the Government guide lines. You can limit access to your home. All your can do re: the temperature is take regular checks. You know your husband - if he becomes breathless. To the point you think he needs access to medical breathing equipment. make that call. The whole point of what has be put in place now. Is to support the most vulnerable individuals in society.

I always think things seem a whole lot worse at night.

Whinge away !!!

Hi Jess,
How does your husband seem today?