Caring during a virus crisis

I have been a carer for my husband for 10 years, he has Multiple Myeloma and is a dialysis patient.
I have contacted a variety of hospitals, charities and Carers UK but no one has answered my question about contingency plans for carers with the Coronovirus epidemic. If carers become infected they cannot self isolate, as they are caring for someone with chronic conditions.
I am very surprised that Carers UK had not posted anything on the front page of their website. Given that we are such a large cohort looking after very vulnerable people one would have hoped that the Government and Public Health England and NHS etc would be planning a strategy to manage this.

Hello and welcome!

Have you checked the NHS website or not? I think that there is some information on there on coronavirus.

I was asked to update our contingency plan for looking after my Wife. My problem is that I am dependent on support from paid carers to look after her at home. So I turned the issue back to ACS and asked what are their contingency plans for supporting Ros.

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to plan. How can we know who is going to be available to help us?! They might have it too. Can anyone tell me how long it is supposed to last?

Supposedly, well into the summer and which it might tail off. But maybe beyond!

It’s starting to be really scary. I’ve reduced my social contact in a bid to avoid it.

Anyone else done this or is it just me!

Not eating out at all right now either.

No you are not the only one. When going out, I take tissues with me. Instead of eating out I make my own food now. It seems we are in the middle of a full blown panic. I actually think the actual disease is not all that scary. People just love to panic.

I always take tissues everywhere. Stems I suppose from having children and grandchildren. Never without.
I did eat out yesterday. Haven’t been able to see my friend since late October, because of unfortunate circumstances. She managed to get hold of hand gel, and I had some tea tree wipes. Thoroughly enjoyed our catch up. Washed my hands as soon as returned home, always do. I’m trying not to panic. I know if hubby was still with me it would be an extra worry.

I have bought some disposable gloves. If the virus greatly increases
I shall wear a pair of them whilst out shopping etc and dispose of
them in a bin before getting back into my car to go home.
“To hell with gel.” :slight_smile:
I’m near 87 so have to think carefully about what to do.

At present I have stopped using my finger on touch screens
(which I try to avoid anyway) but just the knuckle of one single finger.
so future handling doesn’t present such a risk of virus transmission.