Should I return to caring as I am a vulnerable person?

Hi, sorry if this isn’t in the right place. I’m a carer for my sister, she is diabetic. I, myself am both diabetic and asthmatic. I haven’t been to my sisters since lockdown began. I’ve had issues with my asthma at least 3 times since April. Now I’m not sure if I should be returning to care for my sister or still staying at home. There’s no risk assessment done, no safety measures put in place and I don’t feel comfortable returning just yet. Does anyone have any advice for me please? :slight_smile: thank you

This is an easy question to answer: CoronaVirus is still out there, your sister is surviving without your intervention, carry on as you are.

I agree. Your own health is your top priority, if you don’t look after your own health, no one else will!

If she needs help and support, she can ask Social Services for it.


Thank you Honey Badger, I have been thinking this through during lockdown and I did come to the conclusion that she can cope perfectly well without me, I feel as though I am just an emotional crutch/taxi service, even though my sister can drive herself. So much so that I have started to look at jobs, had a telephone interview yesterday so I’ve really decided to get myself back into the workplace.
Thank you for your kind reply

Thank you! I don’t know why, I just feel like I need justification.

Very true, thank you for your advice.

Crutch, or slave?? We are all responsible for our own lives and happiness, but too often we are manipulated by others in thinking they have more right to our lives than we have. If I could live my life again I’d do things very differently.
Now is the time to put yourself first, and enjoy yourself.

Slave mostly, put upon, spoken to like dirt at times, expected to come running for the smallest things. It can be so frustrating. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

The only power she has over you is the power you let her have.
The solution is simple. Don’t let her have any.
If she is rude to you on the phone, say I don’t have to listen to this, and put the phone down.
At her house? Stop immediately what you are doing, say the same thing, and leave.
What does she do for you??!!


Thank you all for your advice and replies. I have decided I need to get a job and get back into the workplace, for my own sanity if nothing else. Stay safe everyone x

Agreed, get a job and live the best life you can.