Husband had another major stroke Not entitled to PIP

Why do carers have No say in a PIP assesment?

Good question … and not the correct answer.

In theory , PIP assessments rely on the medical evidence and the interview with claimant.

A carer can attend and add their weight to the claimant’s case :

Preparing for your PIP assessment - Citizens Advice


Take someone with you for support

You can take someone with you into the actual assessment if they’re 16 or over.

This could be anyone who makes you feel more comfortable, like a friend, relative or carer.
If you want, they can take part in discussions and take notes for you> .

I assume your husband’s application was rejected ?

There are whole volumes of information on PIP appeals on the Internet.

My recommendation ?

CAB : Challenging a PIP decision - mandatory reconsideration - Citizens Advice

I will assume that CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is NOT a factor here ?

Was this a first rejection? Did you do a Mandatory Reconsideration? If Mandatory Reconsideration is also rejected (in almost all cases unless you present fresh medical evidence as this is also done in house in DWP), you MUST go through independent appeal. Around 80% of PIP rejections get overturned at appeal stage!!! Please contact your nearest Citizens Advice who can help you through each stage of the process.

Hi Lorraine,

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Did you help your husband fill in the form?

Was his communication affected by the stroke? (I’m asking because if it was, then you could support him at the interview.) I answered the questions for S, as he has autism and communication difficulties.

Have you seen the PIP report? Is it accurate / fair? Or is the issue more that your husband played down how the stroke affected him?

Either way, as Jodie states have you appealed? The majority of appeals are upheld.


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You do not have to fill out the form alone. Citizen’s Advice can help you to fill out the forms give them a call asking to talk with a benefit advisor or use their website. When do you have to return the forms? My cared for person and I filled out the application forms together two weeks previously. I helped him a lot. But it was good early spelling, reading and writing practice for him.

Do you have a copy of the PIP report or not? If so, you can use that to appeal the decision.