Re: New to this

Hi Everyone, new to this and not sure what to write. My name is Neil and I care for my Civil Partner Adam who has autism and learning disabilities. My main reason for joining was to see if anybody felt like me at not understanding why my or others carer roles are not classified as an actual job? Stop the carers allowance and give us an actual wage, with all the rights given to all other organisations like holidays, sick, overtime, pensions. The government and previous governments have ignored carers and all the hard work it entails. When someone asks me what job I do, I want to be able to say a carer and proud of it because then I say I am properly contributing to economy instead of being made to feel like I am a drain.

I apologies if this upsets anyone, it is not my intention, it is a topic that would need a proper consultation because there are so many sides to our situation but I want to just feel like my work is justified and means something and stop feeling such a poor relation getting no proper financial reward for everything that we do and will continue to do for people we love and care about.

Anyway let me know and thanks for taking time to actually read my thoughts.

I’ve been campaigning quietly since 2004 to get CA raised to the same level as the National Minimum wage, with full employment rights, to four weeks holiday a year, sick pay etc. My motion was passed at the CUK AGM with almost unanimous approval.

Hi Neil

A lot of carers feel just as you do.

Unfortunately, getting the government to listen and act is an ongoing problem.

And whilst we continue to care for a pittance, i can see there’s no motivation for them to change things.

A pittance times zero for pensioners.


That’s not good.