A group effort for all carers

A few months ago we had a petition, match carers allowance to job seekers income. The long winded response was a long reply explaining that carers isnt supposed to be an employment like job seekers. This completely ignored that carers are least funded of all. What we need to do is get together here and jointly write something carefully in a new petition that cant have any way of them ignoring. I look foward to a colab with everyone. Also the wording for a petition is limited.

If we don’t it, then other people are paid the minimum wage, with all the other things like sick pay, holiday pay etc. Why then are we not entitled to the same, just because we are related? We don’t get discounts for anything.


There is also the issue of those who are unpaid carers. We too should be compensated for the work that we do. As per the government if you work a certain amount of hours then you simply cannot provide 35 hours of care. How wrong they are? Someone working a full time Mon Friday 9 to 5 only works around 40 hours a week. If you factor in weekends and the hours on an evening then it is very possible that someone does 35 per week with at least half of that done on a weekend. The system is completely broken.


So true. You made a good point. Its how we word it for the new petition. We can all work together

Yes im talking about unpaid carers.

This is the article.

Its closed. As you can see its not answered properly. Petitions have

Petition what you want : 80 letters

Tell us more about what you want the Government or Parliament to do: 300 letters

Tell us more about why you want the Government or Parliament to do it : 500 letters.

Its not much to write but obviously it has to be worded careful, are we all in?

Matching the rates to the income of jobseekers is fair but remember how it was linked to carers not being workers, thats so ridiculous. It was talking about the income. Carers is so small, 67 pounds a week. Really it should be a lot more.

A suggestion for the petition to work through this is by having carers payed differently based on care needs. For example a carers income is reflected in the rate of PIP care component. Lower, middle and higher rate for carers allowance. This makes so much sense. I think a good way to work it.

Not all people being cared for get PIP, those who are over retirement age have to claim Attendance Allowance instead.

Your right, that happens a lot. I would include pip, dla and aa. Whats your thoughts on the petition idea?