Re: Incident at care home


Had phone call from care home where my mum in respite. Apparently another resident threw hot custard on her at lunch. Fortunately not badly scalded.

Any thoughts?

Sadly, incidents like this can happen in care/ nursing homes. Even in the very best of them. A couple of things have happened in hubby’s. He’s been there for nearly 3 years, and it’s only a very few to my knowledge. Staff turn away for a minute. As long as the staff do everything in their power to keep the person away from mum, during meal times, indeed from all residents,as they are now aware. Sorry this has happened, and I expect you are feeling it shouldn’t have. It shouldn’t, there should be enough staff to watch all, but it’s not always possible. Hope it’s been recorded.
I must admit when these things do happen, I feel unerved re the safety of hubby. Short lived thankfully.

I agree with Pet, these things shouldn’t happen, but they do. Life is full of risks, at home, in a care home, on the street. On a positive note, they have told you about it and not tried to cover it up. Have you or another visitor seen her, to check she is ok? If it were me, I’d want to be knowing what measures were being put in place to limit the risk of this happening. ( Seating position of the custard-throwing resident, bowl with sucker to attach it to the table, extra staffing etc)


Thanks to both respondents for their comments, very sound points. I buttonholed the manager on my way in to visit and I note that I was notified immediately and that there was significant degree of provocation on my mum’s part.

However, when went up to wing I witnessed another lady throwing glass water in my mum’s face with seemingly no provocation. Not one staff member saw it despite few being at door to room. Blind bastards! For me that was final straw after yesterday and I took my mum home with me. Have had 10 days respite so can’t complain.

Once, an accident, twice, not good, but three times is just not good enough!

At least share what has happened with CQC. Only when a few relatives complain will they take action, and you don’t know how many others might also be concerned.

Am genuinely torn about reporting to CQC equivalent here in Scotland, BB (!).

Did threaten home manager that i’d do so bout yesterday’s incident as told her found her explanation (basically as per other thread respondents) unsatisfactory. However hearing their take on it led me to shy away from that.

Think will report it to social work tomorrow and leave it at that. Incident witnessed by couple I happen to know who have relative there who confirmed it, so will have been recorded.

So, is it more than one person chucking stuff at your mum?

And, do they chuck stuff at other people than your mum?

What was the ‘provocation’ supposed to have been?

Sadly sounds more like a kindergarten…but it’s not acceptable whatever the similarities…

I guess the basic problem is that you have a situation in which a whole bunch of people who are used to being in their own homes, suddenly having to live ‘communally’. They are bound to dislike it, sigh.