Carers rights day tomorrow

Just read somewhere that it’s Carers Rights Day tomorrow.
Am I the only one that didn’t know??


I didn’t know either (or if I did, the information wasn’t retained :open_mouth: :confused: :-??? )


But what are our rights? we have a right to an assessment , our carees can have a needs assessment but if the assessments aren’t carried out properly or just ignore needs then there is no point.

I was repeatedly left sorting everything out as the assessment did not take into account, this or that. The services weren’t available Weekends and bank holiday, you are not supposed to have a crisis then, only 9-5 Monday to Friday.

I am trying to get advocacy but have been refused Advocacy, am i allowed advocacy yes, but the Staff at the Advocacy Service don’t understand the Care Act and Unpaid carers.

If we do night care 365 days a year have we the right to respite, a night or weekend off?

What are our rights, I get long documents sent to me, I haven’t got time to read 64 pages.

Who should be supporting the unpaid carer, the NHS Don’t care, The GP, nothing to do with him, Social Services contacted them, just not interested?