Don't understand any of this? The Care Act

I have been caring for years no help supplied, The Care Act came in, no one explained no one contacted.
I was a multi caree carer, the amount of staff i saw, Social services knew the caring situation, I was doing night care, complex
caring, dementia, mental health, severe chronic physical health, just everything.

But no one ever contacted me about a carers assessment , despite multiple in and out of hospital which entitled me to a carers assessment.
I was at the doctors 3 times a week for months, taking my caree for dressings changed, I was in contact with every health social care professional, GP, Nurses, district nurses, hospital staff, district nurses, social care staff, paid carers, occupational therapists, charitys, voluntary agencys and many more.

All of these staff were making decisions that would affect me and my carees, no involvement was ever done.

No one ever asked about my welfare, unpaid carer, i was never offered a carers assessment, was there a duty to assess the unpaid carer?

I asked for help and support dozens of times, nothing to do with them, but surely it is, i asked for advocacy, copied and pasted this off the internet:-

“What is Care Act Advocacy? The Care Act says that local councils must involve people in decisions about their care and support needs. If it would be difficult for someone to be involved without support the council must make sure they get the help they need.”

But the council didn’t, there was zero involvement, practically over night a lot of the support was cut, shopping service, cleaning service, night service, disabled transport was all cut.

What should the council have done wrote to me contacted me about a carers assessment, should i have contacted them, I did.

I asked various agencys carers centre, advocacy etc for help and support but it was refused, but it says the council must make sure they get the help they need to go through the Care Act process.

So i might have been entitled to get support but could not get Care Act Advocacy or any kind of help going the the Care Act assessment process, someone to help fill in forms etc.

Someone needs to tell the government, councils etc that the Care Act just doesn’t work, it was supposed to give us more help and support but did it, NO.

Has anyone got advocacy through the Care Act and a support plan, actual good helpful support?

The only support offered was to send my caree to a day centre, my caree in her thirtys going to an elderly day centre,
to give me a break, she didn’t want to go, so no break.
but how about emotional support, help filling in forms, an evening off, a weekend away?

So what now, go through the complaints procedure, i think its all been cancelled because of Corona.

Its all just very wrong this , the Care Act was brought in to help, the council just ignore it.