Problem getting out of chair - knees hurt

My fathers knees are bad. He has struggled to get out of the chair for some time now, so I have been putting cushions under the main cushion to raise the height. But despite this, in the last few days he is struggling and can’t do it unless I help. Once he is standing, he is fine and he can get onto his zimmer.

What is a good solution for this?

Simple solution, a rise and recline chair. My mum used hers right up until the day before she died. Only trouble was, every time I saw mum use it to stand, I kept thinking of the song
“I’m a little teapot…pick me up and pour me out!!” Mum and I had both been Brown Owls!

Thanks for the suggestion. My father has been mentioning these. Done some research and found one for £540 that looks quite good.

Then again, there is the issue of when he drives to the pub, getting out of the car etc.

Can the doctors do much for someones elderly knees, or provide some kind of support or ongoing drugs?

I have 2 knee replacements, and I’m tall. I used to drive a Discovery, easy to get in and out of, so when I needed to get a different car, the ability to get in and out was my prime requirement. Most cars were useless! I tried for months, ended up with a Skoda Yeti which has pump up height adjustable seats. I can get in and out of the drivers seat easily, but the passenger seat is more of a challenge!

My wife used a Zimmer frame. To get her out of the passenger seat I put her frame at the open passenger door facing her and held it firmly. She then swung round in her seat and put her feet on the ground, grabbed hold of its handles and pulled herself up onto her feet.

It sounds complicated but worked a treat for her.

To help getting out of chairs put both feet well back. If you put feet forward more leverage (muscle power ), is required to raise the body

My dad had the same problem. Then he had a physiotherapist who taught him to do simple leg exercises to get the circulation going etc. Just lifting knees up and down one at a time for about a minute before getting up from chair helped my dad.

He might find a Circulation Booster helpful. I used one after a knee replacement, recovered really well.