PRN medication

Can anyone help ?
I used to care for my mum but we now use a care provider . They insist that my mum cannot be prompted or asked if she would like any of her PRN medication by her carers and must ask for it herself She has full capacity to do this but can occasionally forget and therefore miss a PRN dose that would have probably helped her get through her movement problems (Parkinson’s disease ). .
I have heard so many different rules for this so I don’t know which is correct . Any advice , much appreciated
Many thanks

To my way of thinking, this rule is nuts.
Of course they should ask her if she needs her medication to help her.

Just a thought, it may be because the cate workers supporting her aren’t trained to give/prompt medication. There may be others at the agency who are. Ask to see their medication policy.


My mum’s chemist used to put her medication directly into a dosette box and then the carers prompted her to take the meds on say Wed am. That way they did not need any specialist knowledge and liability was on the pharmacy. Yes, ask the agency what they will and won’t do.

Good luck!