Needing a little advice

Hi folks,
My nana and I have been caring for my dad for a good few years now and we seemed to have been coping well. I am looking for advice on one part of his care really. I look after his daily medications and put them out every morning for the entire day and he doesn’t mess with it ever. But he gets extra pain killers and diazepam when needed from my nana and I feel he is taking too many and manipulating her to give him more. Instead of taking one tablet and waiting 6 hours to take the next he takes it 1 hour later because the first tablet has taken the edge off the pain and he thinks taking another will take more pain away. He doesn’t feel he has a problem but I can see he is taking too many pain medications and/or diazepam and I can tell because he is very drowsy, slurs his words, falling asleep sitting up etc. Basically I feel he is addicted to his prescribed medications but is taking them for the wrong reasons. He is taking them so he doesn’t need to feel his emotional pain instead of physical pain. I should mention he is mostly independent, I only really need to take care of meds, appointments, shopping etc and he is physically disabled after a knee replacement gone wrong and mentally disabled and diagnosed with depression, anxiety and paranoia. Im hoping someone has a little bit of advice for me, mostly on how to regulate meds so he is not over using but any type of advice is welcomed.

HI Carla.
are the extra diazepam and pain killers prescribed and for PRN (as needed?) If not, then Nana should be saying no and trying to distract him. That might be difficult for her though and that might be why he asking her rather than you. If the issue is her saying no, they aren’t due yet, etc then you need to develop a strategy with her to enable her to stay strong.

Personally, I would talk to the pharmacist who makes up his prescription or right to the GP explaining the issues and asking him to call your Dad in for a meds review.


Hi Melly1
The extra pain killers are as and when needed but 6 hours apart and no more than 6 in day and the diazepam is only prescribed as once daily if needed. The main issue is she cant say no to him, she is too soft and he manipulates her. I did think I would need to speak to this GP but hoping for some extra advice on here. Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

Hi Carla,
I think that Dad’s GP should be alerted to his increase use of painkillers. They are addictive. Maybe he could be prescribed a stronger dose if that is appropriate and if not perhaps his pain can be managed in another way. I don’t know the answer to that of course but if the question is asked then you will at least know. Dad’s GP mightn’t be allowed to talk to you but he/she can certainly read a letter.
In the meantime there are such things as lockable. timed, pill dispensers. If your dad had such a thing then Nan would be able to say ‘it won’t open for another two hours’ which may take the pressure off her to dole out on request.
I feel for all of you and I think you all need professional help with this. Certainly it shouldn’t go on.
I hope there’s an answer for you.