Possible dementia

I am 81 yrs old and my husband is 83, he had a stroke over 2 years ago and has needed help since. Then he fell and broke his right hip and right arm last March during the start of the Pandemic, lockdown happened. he had his ops done with no visits and was moved to a community hospital for rehab but he became very confused there and was, I believe, very difficult to the staff, we found he had Covid 3 days after he came home!! We had absolutely no help except medication for pain relief and some equipment a mo lift and a shower chair, commode, etc he was doubly incontinent. our son is living with us and is the main carer but I do toileting. We have never worked so hard in our lives and had to take it in turns to sleep. My husband is very demanding and is showing signs of dementia, he cannot remember things like the time, the day of the week, how to change the TV, he can now walk with a zimmer frame,but he needs someone in the house at all times. a wheelchair is used to transfer to dining room. We cannot get him into a car , and because of the latest lockdown he has lost the little bit of physio that he had for a few weeks, It seems impossible for me to take a break, I am not in full health myself, and if I go for a walk he is calling me on the phone, I wish I could get a proper diagnosis of dementia, The doc has given him some tablets for anxiety and fretfulness. Our son needs a break too he has become very isolated since his job ended, he receives carers allowance and my husband gets full attendance allowance.This is such a long rant, sorry, our other family live a long distance away but not allowed visiting at moment anyway

You shouldn’t have been left in this position. Ask Social Services for an urgent Needs Assessment.