Poor Mum

My Mum (96 with Alzheimers) had 2 falls recently in her care home. She fractured a bone in her upper arm/shoulder. The hospital put on a pink foam Bandage around her neck which then supported her wrist which was also swollen and painful.

She really has not been well at all this week and the care home were so worried about her today that they asked me to go in. I was aproned, masked, gloved and visored. I had not been in her room since March. It feels to me that her Alzheimers has worsened considerably, the whole covid situation has had a bad effect on her as she had no visitors for about 5 months although I do know the home did all they could to help. It also feels like she has given up. She is a brilliant eater but last couple of days she has refused some meals. She sleeps most of the day and when she does try to speak she can’t get her words out. It must be so awful for her. She is in bed in her nightie the last 2 days.

I shed a few tears in there today when she was dozing and told her I loved her.

Oh Penny, so sad. I’m glad you were able to visit her and give her some comfort for both your sakes. Are they allowing you to go again?


Well, have you heard the news announced at 3pm today? Councils are telling care homes that no visiting is allowed again due to the spike in covid cases. Only end of life visits.

I had an email from the Manager saying I can go in, in full PPE same as I did the other day and I can visit twice a week for an hour. No other visitors. In the meantime if the staff feel that Mum needs me they will call me in.

Not sure if this is good news or bad because nobody has actually said they feel she is end of life. The Manager says we will have a chat tomorrow when I visit.

Oh (((Penny,))) such worrying times. I’m glad you are able to keep visiting. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow when you have your visit and chat with the manager.


(( hugs )) Penny. Thinking of you