Care home

Hi I need some reassurance.
I have been caring for my Mum for the last 3 years, shielding her during the pandemic etc.
Over Easter weekend she suddenly could not walk. I took her to A&E for an xray (5 hour wait) but nothing was found.
She was admitted to hospital the following Tuesday and has been there ever since. She was due for discharge today but has tested positive for Covid and is having to isolate for 10 days.
Once she is clear they are discharging her to a care home. I went to see it yesterday and I hated it. The thought of her going there is so upsetting. I have been given no choice.
My anxiety levels are through the roof.
I just wish I could bring her home and look after her myself and not put her through the trauma of going to this home.

What a sad experience,
You may need advice from carers help line,
It is important you feel you can either look after your mum
Or if she is to unwell, which is sadly the way it sounds.
You need to feel happy about the home she will go to.
Speak up and ask for advice.
I care for a young adult so not my area of knowledge. Sorry.
But sending you warmth and admiration for your care of your mum.

How was the home chosen?
Who is going to pay for it?
Is it near enough for you to visit?
Is there a home you like nearer your home?