POA Issue over rights

My brother has lasting power of attorney for our mum, as a family we are in agreement that I will become employed by mum/my brother as poa now, and I will be paid a wage from mum (self funding). We will be drawing up a contract of employment and HMRC and NI informed.
As power of attorney does my brother have to disclose the details of the contract, the rate of pay etc to our other siblings?
We are in disagreement about the amount that is acceptable, my 2 brothers and I are all happy but my sister is making things very difficult.
I just need to know if by law she has any right to know the details of the contract?

No, she has no right.
I have just the answer for her.
Explain that it’s a confidential matter, and your brother cannot lawfully disclose any information because it would be a breach of confidence, You could add some waffle about the Data Protection Act if you wanted!!

My sister says she wants to know how much money mum has in savings and her ISA as well as seeing the draft of the contract before it’s signed and to know exactly how much will be paid out weekly/monthly. Then if she’s in agreement she wants a copy if the signed document and proof of what I’m being paid on a regular basis.
Is she entitled to see these?
Does she need to be in agreement?

No. As I said earlier, this is a confidential matter between you and the attorney. He cannot divulge confidential information. If she doesn’t like this, refer her to the Office of the Public Guardian. They have issued information sheets to cover your scenario.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Make sure you get the details of how they regard payments to you, especially how much you can be paid, and income tax. Nothing to worry about. I can’t think ho I came across them I’m afraid, on this occasion my memory has failed me!

Sorry, I’m a bit confused, how who regard payments to me and how much i can get paid, do you mean my siblings?

YOU! The rules are slightly different, and I thought generous. Just look at the OPG website, as a start.

I found the family care payments information form on the Public Guardian website. This is perfect, thank you for you help.

Good. Sorry I couldn’t give you full details immediately.

I use a PC during the day, can do most things quickly on that.However in the evening I use a Hudl in my bedroom.
It’s not up to detailed quick searches.

I see that everything is going up in price and so is minimum wage , which causes problems as the amount im allowed to earn has not increased , therefore im scared to ask to reduce my 12 hours a week incase my employer says no … carers save the goverment a fortune and we get less than £10 a day to care for someone yet to get help id be looking at 30 mins help for that price from a company … the goverment has got to look at this and increase either the earnings amount or the amount paid to carers to be inline with cost of living .