Advice on POA please

My mother signed poa to me and my sister some years ago, my sister recently registered hers with my mums bank, is there a timeframe for doing this or can i do this myself anytime? My sister seems to be taking over everything except the running around.

Sort this out with the bank asap and ask for copies of all bank statements for the last 12 months. If sister has taken anything out of mum’s account, without telling you, then transfer the money into a savings account in your name with "re Mrs. x (mum’s name) as part of the title.

i do not think she has done anything wrong but am wondering what she is doing as she sends mothers POA off everywhere and uses my mums money for the postage sending them special deliver at £8 a go. She never visits her i am back and forth 45 mile trips, last time she went there was when i made her about 6 weeks ago. the only time since lockdown and it was weeks before that started as well.

Have you read the POA to see how much consultation there should be between the two of you?

I take it you had joint and severally POA?
Either way I would have thought it courteous to tell you when and what she is spending your Mother’s money on. Keeping receipts or a record? The office of public guardian won’t be happy if they think it’s being mishandled. I’m not saying it is by the way!
I do know, with my late husband’s court of protection ( admittedly much stricter) I told my daughters everything I spent out of the account, even though they didn’t particularly want me to. They knew where his bank account statements were kept, and I said anytime they wanted to check they could, if I was home or not. DD2 said the only time she would be concerned was if she thought I was being overcharged on something major.
Trust is a big part of POA,
Apologies if it sounds harsh.

You should have several official copies of the POA. Send one to whoever you need to, normal post, with a covering letter.

Dear Sir,

Re Mrs. xyz of 123 Street.

I enclose a copy of a POA for my mum, Mrs. xyz, who is now suffering from ?dementia or whatever.
Please copy for your records and return it to me in the enclosed sae.

Yours sincerely,


That’s all that is needed. No Special Delivery!

Thank you Bowlingbun, i shall do that. But i think i only have one copy, can i send them a photocopy of it. My sister did it all i just signed it, i find her rather aggressive.

It depends.
I used a local solicitor, just asked for another copy and they gave it to me, so they did the copying and validation.
I’m sure there is a way of getting further copies validated, but can’t remember how.
When I had one copy of something DWP wanted, I took it to their local office, and they copied the original themselves.
Even if mum’s bank is a long way away, if there is a branch in your local town, you could take it there.

If you take it to a local solicitor they can copy it and then notarise the copies to say that they are a true copy of the original document. There will be a small charge for this service.

that is what my sister did think she got about 4 notarised ones and charged my mum for them.

It was a cost relating to mum, so mum should pay.