I stupidly did not register it with our bank I am having to send a copy of my LPA for finance, via post to their office in leeds with 4 proofs of my identity as I do not have up to date passport or driving licence

Are banks usually ok with this stuff? I have to pay my mum’s first care home bill out of her money and am hoping that the Office that deal with registering my LPA with my bank will just let it through and not demand any more info…

Heya. I strongly recommend talking to a trusted local financial advisor in order to clarify things here and discuss your saving options etc. Best of luck and it is a sensible thing to make some brief summary notes as well. The bank in town may be able to assist but sometimes they don’t care so hear that in mind.

Banks are OK with this in my experience, but you can only try.


If you explain to the care home they will possibly agree to wait until the POA is sorted… I doubt they will insist on your mother leaving immediately!
Send all documents recorded delivery. The bank may fax documents over but there is a possibility Leeds branch want originals. I’m sure they will do their best to help you.


Hi Ms_Anne

I’ve never heard of having to send the LPA to a head office before. Usually the banks deal with it in branch. If it’s an online bank only, then they probably wouldn’t have any other way to do it.

That said, it’s usually straightforward and as long as your proofs of identity are valid, there’s nothing to worry about - it will go through quickly. Did you arrange for the documents to be signed for on delivery to prove that they had them? It makes the Royal Mail much less likely to misplace them en route!


This is ridiculous. I’ve had POA for mum and brother. All you should have to do is present the nearest bank branch with the LPA, they should copy it for their records and then treat you as if you were mum. It’s time to make a formal complaint, and be sure to suggest that their staff have an urgent need for further training and you should be compensated for all the upset and inconvenience they have caused, and ask for compensation of £100.
Banks really are useless on this subject. My son has severe learning difficulties, so cannot give me POA to manage his money. I am his DWP Appointee and manage his money through accounts in my name, solely his money. So many times I’m asked if I have POA as no one understands that you have to be mentally OK before you give it to someone else.

I was too unwell with stress to attend local branch. I am sending the documents via SPECIAL DELIVERY and as its a clearing centre marked it with my banks name for the admin so that it does not get shoved into some pile. I did not need this additional stress!! But fingers crossed. Thanks

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Definitely not a stress you needed Ms Anne, but you have found a way around what was needed. Now breathe.

It’s not to the home’s advantage to kick out a new resident and this can’t be the first time this has happened.

Let us know when you have paid the bill.


You have done what you can for now. I know it’s not easy but please try to have some time to relax. Your mother is being cared for

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According to the Care Act, assessed needs must be met by the council, even if the client refuses to pay, so the home could contact the council if needed. The remedy is for the council to take the client to court in extreme cases. I wonder how many times this has happened? In the case of funeral bills, banks will pay these directly to the undertaker when presented with the bill. I wonder if this can be done with care home bills?

I used to keep track of my household bills on a notepad. Every month I would write down the information on a sheet of paper and use a cheap calculator in order to figure it out. I had statements but after a while I shredded them.

This is mums first bill for her part of the bill from her pension, so bills will be on going

I am as her LPA responsible to set up payment --which I cannot do yet until Bank has got back to me, so for the first bill I will try to pay with her debit card and pray that it gets through…


There is no reason why the payment shouldn’t go through once the LPA is ackowledged by the bank. Once the direct payment after that, you’ll only need to withdraw money for your Mum if she wants to buy bits for herself and when she needs you to buy her things. Don’t be put off by the bank being ‘difficult’ they were just doing their job and protecting your Mum’s money. Fraud is such a big issue these days. Doesn’t make it easy for people legitimately trying to withdraw money though …

When we arranged LPA for my Mum we asked the Solicitor who arranged it to provide us with a number of “certified” copies as I knew we need them to send to different organisations at the same time (she had a number of savings accounts apart from her bank account - plus the utility companies -gas, electric etc - would need them.

It saved the bother of sending of the original and having to wait for it to be copied and returned - also meant the “original” stayed in our hands and couldn’t get “lost” in the post !

Any official document can be “certified” - most solicitors will do it for a small fee.

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