My mum had a life changing stroke 5 months ago, my elderly father was her registered carer. He wasn’t coping very well. They are in receipt of all benefits including PIP, and all the allowances which I don’t understand. Im moving into there council house and ill be working 24hrs a week. I don’t know how it will affect us. Can anybody offer me advice pls

Hi Lyn.

A decision with potential downsides in the future !

Firstly , I would seek advice on the benefits front in case your presence upsets the present range … especially if any
income related ones are being paid … Housing benefit / Council Tax discount … both good examples.

Either the CAB or the Carers UK Advice Team for that … links follow :
( Best by email )

Housing … social tenants … and that dreaded word SUCCESSION ?

What would happen if both parents either died or moved into residental care leaving you alone in the property ?

Would be be able to inherit the tenancy ???

If not , the LA could make you homeless.

Care ?

Needs assessment both parents upto date through the LA ?
The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

Are they getting any outside help at the moment ?

On the radar of AGE UK ?

( Always recommended ! )

If not , be prepared for the caring to take over your life if not help is forthcoming … we have seen that too many times.

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … is that a factor here ?

Main thread :

Definately worth exploring … it could be the real answer here.

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder on.

Others will be along to add their own.

DON’T DO IT! You may be about to make a decision that will ultimately lead to consequences you don’t realise, even becoming HOMELESS later!

Tell us more about your parents , ages, disabilities, do they own their home?
What help has already been arranged?
Do they have over £46,000 between them?

How old are you? Partner? Kids?
Do you own or rent your own home?
Brothers or sisters?