Anyone registered for PKB and are there any catches ?
PKB = Patients know best.

That title looks dodgy to me.

Empowering patients to manage their care, enabling professionals to share information while improving efficiencies for payers.


Patients Know Best puts you the patient in control of your medical record through our online patient portal software.

Using this portal benefits everybody including clinicians, researchers and charities as the information about you and your health is accessible by those that need it to help you, and you have given permission to.

​As a social enterprise we feel our mission is critical which is why we have provided a platform where patients truly can know best.

Interesting … ?

A commercial outfit ( Despite the tab… Social Enterprise ) , perhaps ?

I’ve had a letter from my local hospital inviting me to join PKB.

Being of a suspicious nature I need to find out more about this
before joining. Words like, ‘portal’ gets my hair rising.

If it’s commercial they can keep it. :slight_smile:

If there’s a catch in it I wish to drop that particularly catch !

A catch ?

Like my local canal , Albert … sit all day just to catch pneumonia … either from the cold or from the
gases escaping from the old mine workings … when they bubble up , everything that was alive tends
to bubble with them ???

The CEO is a Dr. Mahammad Al-Ubaydli.
He’s on many Facebook pages …………………… Mmmm. :laughing:

Advising … or … touting ???

It is a commercial enterprise.
If one joined how long before one got emails/cold callers
trying to sell me Asprin ? :laughing:

We can suss 'em out after their first three words , Albert.

The more a smiling avatar , the worse the taste of that snake oil.

Just look at some of the avatars chosed by the REDS on 'ere !!!

I’m very wary of anything that uses data…
I’ll try to check them out over the weekend
The devil will be in the terms and conditions

The letter I had from my hospital was signed by a doctor on hospital notepaper.
It gave me a code to use to join which expired in 4 weeks !

It’s all free so how does PKB make their money?

Thats why one needs to read the small print. I haven’t yet but they will either be selling your information on or selling advertising on the site.
Beware anything that is free

probably sell their mailing list to make money - wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole