GDPR and Prescriptions

Okay so it’s rather late but my local branch of boots has just woken up to the GDPR rules.

I now have to have signed consent to discuss prescriptions with them. They have no forms for this, nothing that states the information I give them will be kept secure, what they are going to do with it, how they are going to prove the name on the random piece of paper is me or anything. Is boots the only chemist doing this? How did you work this out if it has happened?

I’ve contacted boots with a very long list of questions including the fact that recently the prescriptions are always missing an item which the surgery is confirming as having been included on the signed prescription by them for the chemist.

I also want to say sorry, I’m only ever here when things are complicated. Sorry.

I can’t say anything about Boots - but your post has made me think about prescriptions in general. A real can of worms!?

I think most forum members only post when things are tough, that’s absolutely OK. You will hpefully get a possible solution here quicker than anywhere else.


oh yes a can of worms indeed, only these worms are loch ness monster size. I also collect my dad’s he’s so dyslexic he can’t read the consent form even if it did exist so that’s going to be fun to.

I think I’ve just hit hysteria as I’m not sure any of this is funny but I’m laughing.

Thank you so much, I needed to hear that you don’t mind hearing the tough parts.

I’m afraid this won’t help you, but a few months ago I had to get some antibiotics and the hospital wouldn’t give me them on Sunday, so I went to Boots in Hornchurch, where I had to wait for nearly 40 minutes for some reason. When I got them, for some reason I read the paperwork carefully and I discovered they’d been issued to a woman in Dagenham with my name but obviously a different postcode. Fortunately I was able to complain and get it corrected immediately. A newish member of staff was put right by the pharmacist, but if she couldn’t recognize an address, what else might she not do wrong?

Oh that’s a valid point Greta, this is new staff, and since then I’ve had bits missing from the prescriptions…they frequently give me the wrong one for my dad {there are 3 with same name and similar address all number 3 and all duekes/danes/drakes mead so very similar but different postcodes}…again they haven’t yet worked that out and it’s been almost ten years! There were no senior/long term staff to assist with the new ones and all I get is “I don’t know I’m new”.

It’s rather scary that actually patient safety is in their hands and they don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. I’m allergic to cows dairy {triggers an acute asthmatic reaction} and I frequently check there’s no lactose in the medication they say no then I check the ingredients and it is, so I ask for a different brand but apparently they are all the same…err no they aren’t or I wouldn’t be able to take any medication and it wouldn’t have been prescribed. The mind really boggles with their ineptness at times.

Update: Boots will hand it back to store manager whose unable to answer my questions. No further comment needed on that I believe!

I couldn’t collect the script this morning because now the chemist cannot find it despite it being signed yesterday morning and being returned to the chemist. The surgery have however located the regular repeat prescription and I can collect that later today as luck would have it upon discussion with GP blood pressure meds are taken at tea time due to long term existing problems with not taking them in the morning or being ill due to not eating because carers don’t have time to wait for showering her. I’m not sure but I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot worse before this gets any better!

Spoken with Tesco Pharmacy and they only require the prescription being signed. A lot easier and far less hassle.

On returning now I had different staff again and apparently I look so desperate for a cup of tea and a nap she even did up the repeats due next week for me today. All prescriptions now uptodate and filled…ready for the stress of next months.