NHS & third party info

Spotted this today:-

The NHS is planning to share all of your info with third parties, (not necessarily medically relevant third parties), and once it’s done, it can’t be undone, unless you opt out, VERY SOON.

The idea was mooted before, but scrapped in 2016.

There’s a link to an Opt Out Form in the article.

Edit: sorry, it seems that the article is now only available on subscription, (I don’t have one), but I’ll try and post a link to the opt out form later - you have until 23rd June 2021.

Please do, Ayjay. That sounds very worrying.


Here’s another link to pretty much the same article:-

There does seem to some confusion though:-

There’s opt out details in this link:- General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) - NHS Digital

I’ve come across an article about opting out of 3rd party accessing medical records, and that there is a deadline 23 June to complete a form and hand back at your GP Surgery;

You have until June 23 to stop the NHS sharing your medical records with outside third parties
https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/27/nhs-engl … -14655452/

I’ve check with my GP Surgery, they don’t know anything.

So I phoned The Patients Association, they said to contact NHS England (0300 311 2233) as they’d know what GP Surgeries should. It’s 3rd Party non-clinicians that’s the worry, not hospital needing access to a patient’s medical records - hopefully NHS England will know the difference.

That’s exactly what troubles me: I’m quite happy for my info to be shared amongst actual medical professionals when there’s a need.

I asked my GP when reviewing my own meds. He didn’t know anything, and referred me to phone next week when the Manager is in.

I did speak to my Mum’s GP Practice Manager, who didn’t know anything and said they’d find out and get back to me.

I tried phoning NHS England, their opening hours: 9am-3pm; so having to phone back later in the week.

In reading the article I posted the link to, it’s supposedly been publicized so people are aware - doesn’t seem they have.

In todays daily mail.

Mythbusting social media posts about the national data opt-out
A number of posts are circulating on social media about the national data opt-out, containing incorrect information. This page looks at these claims and gives you the facts you need to make your choice.

The following seems to clarify things (if only it were really all that simple);



There’s the link to the form that needs filling in before 23rd June, otherwise they have alternative ways of requesting them.

I managed to speak to someone at NHS England, after I spent quite a lot of time trying to phone NHS Digital direct where there was no answer - even though on NHS Digital’s website they invite you to phone them.

I was informed by NHS England that the deadline of 23rd June for when opt-out forms need to be sent back has now been extended to 30th September 2021. I asked where this information was from, they said NHS Digital’s website. There shouldn’t be a deadline at all, seeing it’s not publicized enough and the Pandemic is still ongoing.

There has to be an opt-out deadline because once the data is transferred it can’t be retracted.

I meant dead-line when it hasn’t been widely publicized so people are aware.

Our GP has written on Facebook this evening to say they’ve opted out for all of us. I opted out myself yesterday anyway.

NHS data sharing plans postponed after backlash from campaigners

Did you manage to send your data before you made the decision to refuse? I probably didn’t see something in this thread.