Dear CarersUk,
my wife has just received a letter to say her lifetime dla is now stopping and she has to apply for PIP. The letter says there are local support organisations you can turn to for help. Who are they?

kind regards


Who are they?

Internet search … PIP ASSESSMENT SUPPORT … a host of hits … one of the better ones :


The major disability charities have whole sections devoted to PIP … a case of exploring the major ones ?

Several also have forums … SCOPE a leading example … PIP very " Popular " to say the very least.

I’ll have to check out the scope one.

Several threads on the ONLINE COMMUNITY section from numerous carees … and the occasional carer.

Added advantage of their own experts dropping in and posting on numerous threads.

Don’t lose sight of that link posted earlier … almost a standard for PIP assessments.

Thanks again for replying. I’m my wife’s carer. She is upset after being offered DLA for life that she now has to apply for PIP. Typical government making empty promises again!

She’s not alone …

Have you contacted Citizen’s Advice? They have lots of information on PIP and other benefits. You can either call their national helpline to talk to a benefits advisor (number is listed on this page) or use the online webchat tool to discuss your issue again with a advisor.

Here is more information on PIP

Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice.

I rang the council and they put me in touch with a lady how help write a letter to pip when my son was turn down in his assiment for pip so maybe try ringing your local council, she won my sons case so highly recommended.

Can we enquire on your wife’s age. There is a keenest with the DWP to get working age people off PIP. Or reduce the level of award. Is your wife claiming ESA and in the support group. The evidence can help in the information if it is fairly recent. Or she had an assessment for ESA.

Start collecting evidence and keep a daily diary. as PIP is all about meeting the criteria …


Don’t get to worry about the amount of content in the above. It can all be done - paper work slowly and methodically. You will have all the evidence in your daily lives, It looks daunting!