Pip Assessment

Good Evening

My mother has pip assessment this week I am her carer I also get IS with this what would happen if she loses her PIP and would have to wait on appeal would I have to go to look for work on UC ? And would I have to wait 5-6 weeks to get cash or would I get it quicker due to already getting benefits ? Obviously this is a worry for my mother who relies on me to help her.

Hope to hear your replies.

Happy new year to all carers.

Hi Dayle.

Scenario as outlined would be the case IF problem with the PIP Reassessment.

( That 5 week wait built into UC … subs known as advance payments are available. Trouble is , they have to be paid back , thus
reducing future payments. )

Universal Credit: Get an advance on your first payment - GOV.UK

In respect of PIP, Turn2Us on the whole aspect :

Review or renew a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim - Turn2us


Claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - Review or renew a PIP claim.

A guide for claiming Personal Independence Payment, the different stages of the claim process and what to expect.

There have been press reports of a slight easing in recent PIP assessments for those already on the higher rate … I hope that
proves to be the case.

Cutting it a bit short in seeking guidance ?