PIP Delay

I rang the Independent Assessment Services today as I sent my wife’s PIP form back 9 weeks ago and hadn’t heard anything. They said they we’re looking at a paper based assessment and that they were trying to contact my wife’s specialist palliative nurse and her GP via the telephone (even though the GP wrote an excellent supporting letter)

When I originally sent her PIP form back I included 24 pages of evidence with letters stating she had painful spasms coming from her spine into all four limbs, that she was unable to use her hands due to severe nerve pain (Hyperphathia) and that she had pain on any movement, the last couple of letters confirmed she was bed bound. I would have thought they would have had enough evidence without contacting anyone.

I was hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on what the assessor might be up to?

I’m also worried what will happen if they can’t get in contacting with anyone.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Charlie.

Plenty of threads on the main disability forums regarding delays in PIP assessments decisions … very sparse on here.

( If you subscribe to the more militant disability forums , delays and refusals are built into the system … somewhat controversial but … numerous articles support
that view as may be found in the main PIP thread detailed later. )

An Internet search result :
pip assessment decision delays - Google Search


It can take between six to eight weeks to find out the result of a PIP assessment. However, if you need to find out more about the status of your claim, then the contact info for ongoing claims is 0345 850 3322.

( Eight months the record … so far ! )

Main PIP thread for the latest news :


I trust the above will be of some assistance ?

Thanks for your help.

Your welcome and … good luck !