Can anyone advice me please about pip

My dad is claiming pip and now hes reached pension age what happens to the current award when it runs out? I’ve been asked by the job centre to see a work coach. Does this mean I have to go back to work? I’m kind of panicking about this

Hi J.


You may be eligible for PIP if you’re under State Pension age (and over 16) and need help with daily living activities or getting around, or both. I> f you’re awarded PIP before you’re of State Pension age, you’ll continue to receive it after too. > You can still make a claim if you’re working.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) | Age UK

Work coach ?

Claiming ESA … if so , which flavour ? … all flavours come with conditions :

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): Overview - GOV.UK

Would explain said interview.

If not , and merely claiming Carers Allowance … a mere formality.

Note: You will not be able to make a new claim for PIP once you have reached your state pension age. If you are over your state pension age and not getting DLA or PIP you can claim Attendance Allowance. > However you will be able to stay on PIP if you claimed or received it before you reachedyour state pension age.

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Joanne, this should not affect YOUR benefits at all, as you are still caring for someone 35 hours a week, receiving one of the required disability benefits, it makes no difference which one.

As a carer claiming CA you CANNOT be forced to “look for work”, but may be invited for an interview. Usually by some wally who doesn’t understand the CA rules!