Permitted persons into home during lockdown

I have 3 x different official, registered, insured professional carers coming in twice a day for my elderly (vulnerable) father.
They all use full PPE and no arguments around health and safety!
(Plus a district nurse daily, who of course follows full safety protocol!)
There is however, a ‘hanger on/cleaner’ who thinks she can come whenever she likes and thinks this is allowed. (She has not worn PPE of any kind around my father all the time I have been living with him since middle of last year.)
I have finally got info out of her that her husband is furloughed and shielding, (he has tummy issues), her 14 year old daughter is off school: But I know will be out seeing friends as soon as she can) and said cleaner is a meal time attendant in a local school, but says she is now in a role where she DOES NOT MIX with any other people??? (I would have thought that at least she was in a small bubble of work colleagues?) They are still open due to being there for keyworkers kids. She also says she is no longer going out whatsoever during lockdown, just click and collect to local hypermarket, (but I find this hard to believe!)
I would like to know (any official info via Govt website please) that says if she is ACTUALLY PERMITTED to come to us as a cleaner (cash paid, no formal contract, etc.)
She says she is. I have my doubts.
(There is a back story to this, please see my other post, unwanted visitors/hangers on.)
Thanks for any feedback.
(NB My father has just had today his part one of two anti covid vaccinations… but it will not be giving him any protection for at least two weeks and of course he will not get the second one for sometime!)

Apparently we are only allowed to have one bubble. You said earlier that she was not officially being paid or working for dad, so NO, she cannot come to your place!

One household bubble only. You are allowed to have carers or tradespeople, but as this cleaner, carer isn’t official, no lanyard or official card, DBS, then I would say no she isn’t allowed in to your dad’s home.
I have 2 daughter’s. The youngest one and her family are my bubble. Sadly can not see my elder daughter or her family. And I am very sad and so are they, but we won’t take risks we are not allowed to.
Not only is this person untrustworthy, she is putting your dad at risk.
I feel so much for you. It’s a bad enough time for all, without this added pressure.

Thanks BB and Pet, She has said WE are her bubble…
I.e she insists that her workplace is not a bubble… (I am going to check on this.)
I know she has a brother and other siblings, but I think she has only met them outside, when we were NOT
in lockdown. She now tells me (today) that she no longer has her other older lady client… and as you all keep reminding
me she has not presented a DBS (although I am sure she has this for work! But with younger children?) and is not
for older adults. I am sure these are different things. (Mine says adult carer as I worked for a short time for others prior to coming to live with my father.)
I am fighting with one hand tied behind my back at present.
PS My fathers GP said she WAS NOT ALLOWED… as not an official carer, her work colleagues were her bubble etc and he ‘would have a word’ if I wanted (as he knows her of old) , but I have to be careful how I deal with this. (My father has again reminded me she is his ‘friend’ after she turned up on the doorstep tonight. Afterthought mask on … but no other PPE. She is due back again in the morning as paid - cash - help…)
I must find a way to deal with this!
Thanks again all for your support.

My alarm bells are ringing even louder now, the GP knows more than he’s letting on!
Does she have a history? Almost certainly after his comments!!!

Umm BB, the GP has had to deal with her on/off over the past 5 years in my absence… he also said the practice manager
is ‘well aware of her.’ I keep erring to the good side of things, that she has tried to get the best for my father, but yes, it does all sound a bit strange to an outsider! The plot thickens! (My main issue is her total apparent lack of consideration for my father’s wellbeing, as in refusing to wear PPE from day one of lockdown, yet she thinks of him as ‘her own father and doesn’t want to see him pass away’… Truly F**** d up s***t going on there if you ask me! I truly think she has huge attachment issues (for whatever reason) and impressed this upon GP… (You are right, he will know her personal medical history as we are at the same surgery!!!)

DBS Workforce Types
Those applying for either the Standard DBS Check or Enhanced DBS Check are sometimes confused by questions regarding their workforce type. DBS checks require that an applicant identify their DBS workforce type before any check can be conducted. It’s at this point – the point where they need to designate a workforce type – that some people’s DBS check process grinds to a halt. In an effort to clarify what the Disclosure and Barring Service are looking for we will provide a series of definitions below covering all you need to know about DBS Workforce types.

The Three Main DBS Workforce Types
DBS recognizes three main types of workforce, they are: Child, Adult and Other. Note too that in certain circumstances Child and Adult may be combined into a single type typically designated ‘Child and Adult Workforce’. We’ll have more on that later. First, let’s define the three main workforce types.


The Child Workforce
A person is part of the ‘Child Workforce’ if their job responsibilities entail working with children. This may be as simple as being a caretaker in a school. Or it may include engaging in regulated activity with children. Regulated activity is generally defined as any work that involves teaching, training, supervising or otherwise providing guidance to children. It would also include driving a vehicle transporting children where you would be the sole adult in the vehicle. Such as a school bus driver. Nursery staff are also considered to engage in regulated activity.

As we mentioned, a caretaker in a school would also be considered a member of the child workforce. As would a contractor performing work in a school on a regular basis. Anyone over 16 years of age who resides in a home where childcare is regularly conducted would also need to apply for a DBS Check and check off the ‘Child Workforce’ box.

The Adult Workforce
Those whose positions require the performance of regulated activity with vulnerable adults must check the ‘Adult Workforce’ box on the DBS Check application. Regulated activity with vulnerable adults is a broad category that includes providing personal care, providing physical assistance, managing a person’s personal finances, driving vulnerable adults to doctor visits, or providing any type of social service or medical or therapeutic treatment.

As you can see, there are many kinds of work that qualify for this workforce type. The determining factor is whether you spend time alone with a vulnerable adult during the performance of your duties. While conveying a person to a clinic would certainly meet that criteria, there are other roles that are not so obvious but also apply. For instance, if you regularly perform contract work in an eldercare facility.

The Other Workforce
The Other Workforce category is both the broadest in definition and the most nebulous. Essentially if your proposed role does not include working with children or vulnerable adults in any capacity, then it likely falls into the ‘Other Workforce’ category. Listing all the positions that potentially qualify for the ‘Other Workforce’ would take more space than we have here. Suffice to say that it includes taxi drivers, Uber drivers, people wishing to work in gambling establishments, those offering immigration services, those selling controlled drugs and anyone working with or transporting weapons.

voulnerable adults

The Child and Adult Workforce
In some instances, the DBS recognises a hybrid workforce category known as the ‘Child and Adult Workforce’. People who need to check this box on the DBS application include anyone who will typically come into contact and/or engage in regulated activity, with both children and adults during the performance of their duties. Doctors, dentists, clinic workers and the like typically fall into this category.

Keep in mind that the only time a person would choose this designation is if they were legally compelled to seek an Enhanced Disclosure DBS Check with Barred List for both the children and adults they intend to work with. If one group required the Barred List Check and the other did not then they would check the box for the group that required the Barred List Check.

We hope this helps clarify the workforce designation issue for you. If you have any additional questions or concerns or wish to apply for an online DBS Check, please contact The Check People today.
Hope this helps

The “bubble” facility is for an single adult living alone (for example, as in our personal situation, my adult son who lives alone locally joining up with us, his parents). I think young children can also be included in a single parent’s bubble.

As this person has a husband and child at home, she is NOT eligible to bubble with anyone!

Thank you Pet… will read and absorb.
Yes Penny - exactly!!
Sadly I think since my return (as the dutiful daughter!) Said cleaner has had their nose put out of joint and is making it hard for me… and my father TBH. I think it is all a case of what are his needs… over his wants (As BB succinctly put it one time… or someone did on one of my early posts here!)

We had problems with my mum’s “gardeners”. She gave them the key to her garage, but couldn’t see what they were doing. Dad had lots of really good power tools and DIY equipment. Lots went. Mum had lovely unusual daffodils all round the back garden. I thought I’d bring some home after she went into the nursing home, the gardener had taken them all! Hundreds of pounds worth. I just couldn’t get through to mum that she was paying him to work, should use his own tools, and not have any access to the house. She paid him cash in hand too!