Caring during covid 19 crisis

Hi. I care for my mother. I havent been able to go into her home to care since lockdown began to clean nor administer her personal care due to restrictions. She has just managed as best she can herself.

Her health has deteriorated recently and I wondered if I was now legally allowed to enter her home to administer this personal care, now that restrictions have been relaxed? Although I wouldnt be able to socially distance, whilst giving personal care

And, would I legally be allowed to clean her home also? Please advise. Thanks

Just my opinion, and definitely not necessarily a legally correct opinion, but my wife has had Carers visiting all through lockdown, I see no difference.

Do you have a Medical Power of Attorney for your Mum?

All power to you for keeping you Mum safe. You might want to consider taking a test. This will give you some reassurance. Obviously if you have also been self isolating or shielding.

When you do visit wear a face mask and tried and get a visor. Apron and keep washing your hands etc. If appropriate Mum could also wear a face mask when you are there.

Carers have always been exempt from restrictions.

Bear in mind that if you take a test and you are found to be OK,
you could catch the virus the day after the test etc !