People's Experiences for Wheelchair Personal Health Budget

I heard last September disabled people with a Wheelchair were entitled to an NHS Personal Health Budget. I contacted the local CCG, they passed my details to the relevant Dept; didn’t hear anything back. Have since heard the relevant Dept is the CHC Team; who have caused endless problems denying my Mum vital CHC since 2012.

What have been other people experiences in getting a Personal Health Budget when you have a Wheelchair? As I got the impression if you have a Wheelchair, that should qualify you for a Personal Health Budget; or do you still have to be Assessed through a not-fit-for process like CHC?

As I was hoping to get a Personal Health Budget to get an Independent Care Agency more supportive for my Mum, who would like to go out in the Wheelchair, just she needs a lot more support as her Dementia is getting worse.

I found this: it looks like being a wheelchair user entitles that person to a Wheelchair Budget.

Who can get it?

The right to have a personal health budget applies to people who are:

adults receiving NHS continuing healthcare (NHS-funded long-term health and personal care provided outside hospital)
children receiving NHS continuing healthcare
people who are referred and meet the eligibility criteria of their local wheelchair service and people who are already registered with the wheelchair service when they need a new wheelchair or specialist buggy, either because of a change in clinical needs or the condition of the current chair. These people will be eligible for a personal wheelchair budget.

I wish you and her all the best in your choices, believe in the power you have in your life, and explore all options for situation.