Personal Health Budget

Does anyone know if you can get this for a health need i.e. speech and language etc therapies…without getting CHC or do you have to qualify for CHC to get this.

Tried to look up on line but confusing.

Has anyone here got CHC for a younger person with Autism or learning disabilities who have health needs?,

Or has anyone got a personal health budget on it’s own.

And should this be on the needs assessment?

Omg need training in all this stuff. Just when I think I am getting to grips with the system more #### hits the fan.

What a week I’m having.

You can apply to your local council for a support needs assessment which everyone is entitled to whether they have a disability or not they could be elderly or be an amputee without a disability like autism.

NHS budget can tie in with local council budget however you need to be reffered to an NHS treatment and a qualified senior nurse needs to pass this budget.

I asked about it at my hospital even senior staff no one knew it existed! You will need to take some information to them to show them or even try an find the application form so they can fill in.

Hi Cloudygal,

for your child still at school, you can have a health budget via the Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), however I have only ever know children with profound and multiple disabilities (PMLD) and needing suction for example, having this funding approved and allocated to a child attending school. It appears more common for those with special needs who are home educated.

S was funded part CHC, part social care and part education through college.

For adults, I found this link NHS England » Personal health budgets for people with a learning disability or autism or both

Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

Remember my motto, “Pushy parents open doors!” (I used to have poster off this up in my kitchen. Looked online to see if I could post the image in here, but couldn’t find one.)



Thanks. I am also a pushy parent, have to be.

I have managed to get some things needed for sons, but still more bureaucy to wade through.

This morning counted five big lots of paperwork to be done.

It’s just all piled up on sideboard awaiting attention!

Thanks for that link

I’m another Pushy Parent.
Early on I waited to have things offered, that didn’t work.
Then I asked nicely, politely, that didn’t work either.
I think I may have gone past the Pushy Parent stage now though.
I suspect my file now says “Beware, Attilla the Hun”.
We should not have to push though. The law is clear, and it’s also very clear that we are not getting what we are legally entitled to.
To the best of my knowledge and belief, I have never asked for anything more than what the law said.

Social worker pay in my area starts at around £35,000, the Deputy Director for LD and Mental Health Services gets £120,000.
Me? I get nothing.

And no doubt we work harder than any of them!