Moving borough

Hi guys! Really need some advice! I want to move out of my current borough but as I’m a full time carer on benefits will another borough let me move & claim? Please help, thank you x

Hello and welcome!

You can report any changes in your circumstances using this link Benefits: report a change in your circumstances - GOV.UK to the DWP. What benefits do you claim?

Does this include housing benefit.

from web site …

What happens to my Housing Benefit if I change my address?
If you are on Housing Benefit and change address, you can re-claim Housing Benefit if you stay within the same local authority area, if this is your only change of circumstance. If you move to an area, which has a different council you won’t be able to claim Housing Benefit and would have to claim Universal Credit instead, unless you are moving into temporary accommodation provided by the Council, or you are receiving the Severe Disability Premium.