Hi I’m new to this form iv been going to my local council after trying get a disability bay for parking and all I get is past around and nobody seems to know iv even tried going to local Counciler and no reply and the best part is the other week he was in the local paper saying that they were going start looking after unpaid carers after been at work all week I can’t even take my wife out any we’re as someone would park out side my house and then I would struggle get my wife back in side then I would have to park at the bottom of the street any body got any advice about how to get one sort would be really appreciated. Thanks i

Google “Disabled Parking Bay”. Lots of information.

Thanks James for joining the Forum and posting this question about parking. We’ll pass this onto one of our helpline advisers who will answer it on Carers Rights Day, 25 November.

Wishing you well


Hello and welcome James

Do we assume your wife is already a blue badge holder.


Ask your local citizens advice they have staff and volunteers who are usually aware of local laws.

Yes my wife is a blue badge holder with limited mobility