New kid on the block!

I am Dave, a recent full time carer for my Wife. She was diagnosed with full blown De3mentia in June this year.
I was on the ‘sick’ due to problems whilst on holiday in may and have been unfit to work since. After being sent home from Hospital after a rather long 6 weeks, I walked in to a rather large pile of unopened post!! amongst lots of other things! During my sorting of post, read some statements from Pension funds…………….Yippee! Resigned at start of Sept, year early………………who cared, I was a full time carer by then.
Since then I have found difficulty in getting anywhere with training, no access to transport, no car etc. Ended up doing part of a course on line, learned quite a bit. Have phoned various organisations and asked, unfortunately, due to lack of staff and the system on total overload, not able help face to face. Sad but true. I cannot nor will not decry them, they are doing everything they can already!!
My problem is this, everything I think of trying to engage my Wife in trying to generate interest, seems to work for a very short time, yessss! Then, for no apparent reason, dropped like a stone. This has been the case for a couple of months and unfortunately, I am getting too close to the dead end. My Family have given as much help and support they can, they have their own personal lives, good jobs, young children to cope with as well. I cannot expect any more from them.
Is there anyone out there that could possibly offer a suggestion as to something to try, please? doesn’t matter if it appears totally off the wall……………………………….Don’t care!!! Need help……….PLEASE!!!

Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.

How old is your wife? This is desperately important.
Did you know she is exempt from Council Tax, since the day of diagnosis. Be sure to claim, it’s one of the few “benefits” which can be backdated.
Have you claimed any other disability benefits for her?
Why don’t you have a car now? Are you now unable to drive??
Social Services may be able to help, ask them to do a Needs Assessment for your wife and a Carers Assessment for you. They should tell you what organisations there are in your area.
Do you own, or rent your home?