Disabled Parking Bay


Is it ok to have a rant about parking?
The council put a disabled parking bay outside our house for our grandson (although it can be used by other Blue Badge holders), ten years ago.
Ever since, our next door neighbours have been a thorn in my side! Despite having two private parking places of their own, they have blocked us in and parked in the space without a Blue Badge on occasions; I have had to call the Police a few times to get them to move.
Our local councillor has tried to help us to get a dedicated parking space, allocated to our house, and the council seem to have agreed to this, but haven’t progressed it in the past seven months. They also said they would extend the bay, but they haven’t done that either yet.
I have been gathering photographic evidence to strengthen my case.
When the neighbour’s daughter, who has been one of the main offenders, asked me why I took a picture of her car (the front of which was protruding a few inches over the white line today), I took the opportunity to demonstrate to her that I was doing it to gather evidence to get more space, and we had an interesting conversation!
She decided that she’s the best one to judge how much space we need for the ramp and the powerchair turning circle; she thought the car should be parked away from the house all day, and she decided that I have nothing to do when my grandson is at school!
This just confirmed that our neighbours are only concerned with their own needs, which come before that of a child with disabilities!
I’m all out of ideas, but all suggestions are welcome, as this is really wearing me down now, thanks.

It does sound as though you have got much further than other.

It would appear LA’s have differing enforcement’s rules

It’s a disabled parking bay, though, and the article seems to be relating to ordinary street parking situations…

Other people’s ignorance, selfishness and confidence both saddens and amazes me these days. I couldn’t behave like that and despair of where we are heading as a society as the numbers seem to be growing exponentially.

Let’s hope the council come up trumps with the changes soon. Either that or one of you will have to move :unamused:

Internet search … disputes over disabled parking bays outside private homes … throws up some
interesting sources and replies on forums.

Worth exploring before considering the next step ?