Paperwork organisation

Heres a blog post from the long caring and battling Mark Neary about paperwork and complexity. Who said caring was easy? A good idea though

Simple practical idea - much better than my mountains of individual wallet folders - must get myself some. A couple for his medical notes alone. But it’s the things that only have a few items each that’ll really help. Thanks for the great idea.

I was amazed at the sheer quantity of headings!

I have a lot of paperwork for S; but thankfully not as much as Mark and Steven.


All M’s paperwork is in Royal blue ring binders, about 24 of them! Some have Mylar dividers for each month. I hate them all! I seldom use the word hate by the way, but these remind me of my struggles every time I see them

best keep them hidden away till you need them then. We all have different triggers for bad memories. Mine are hospitals and doctors.