Two General Questions?

Two weeks into Mum being home and all is well:-)

Question One - We are currently paying for Mums pads but have a referral to the NHS for free pads. My carers tell me it will be limited to three pads a day and they will be of a much lower quality than the ones I currently buy. Assuming Mum qualifies, what can I expect to receive per month. Is this another typical postcode lottery affair?

Question Two - After one week of Mum being home and four lots of baggies (wet pads and wipes) being thrown into our general waste every day, I could barely move it, it was so heavy. With six days till our next collection, the bin is nearly full. I’ve been told its possible to apply for an extra wheelie bin or even a medical bin to specifically put the “baggies” in. Having read the Local Council website, I apparently don’t qualify as they just need to go in general waste. Again any experiences or advice on this matter gratefully appreciated.

Ques 1 - start keeping a diary now of the changes you do and whether urine/stools or both. If you intend passing this to nurse at assessment, make sure you keep a copy for yourself.

Further info here - Products to help with urinary incontinence - NHS

Is your mam getting all benefits that she is entitled too?? if not get a benefits check done as any possible increase in income can go towards more pads.

Hubby was allowed 4 per day, then 6 which is still ridiculous, and we topped up ourselves. He is in nursing home now and being reassessed for more as advised by them.

Ques 2 - our local council supplied a separate bin for this waste but it was stopped a few years ago. Like you said you can apply for another bin. They usually have a sticker on to show it is an approved bin.

If you struggle with the weight, most councils have an assisted scheme, wherein bin men will collect bin from where you store it, empty it and return. This, like most things has to be applied for, and no guarantee will be successful. You could always consider asking GP for a supporting letter.


Hi Stephen, The pads mum had through the nhs were ID Expert brand and came from a distributor in the South West. They seemed ok to me. A carer said she prefered the pull up panty style but the regular ones did the job… Can you ask you LA for a bigger bin?

Thanks, the district nurse came today and agreed Mum qualifies for free pads which is great news. We are getting three ID Expert pads (6 drops) and one (8 drops) for the night so I’m chuffed. As the pads are only changed using a standing aid on the four visits from the carers each day, Mum should no longer have to fork out for them.

One of those things I expected to have to fight for, but the district nurse instantly put me at ease and agreed Mum definitely qualified.

I assume the best I can do is apply to the council for an extra bin and if they say no, at least I’ve tried. I’ll look into the assistance scheme.

Benefits wise I purely learnt by chance on the news that Mum qualifies for council tax discount, another bit of research for me to do.

Interestingly, the district nurse was amazed when I told her the local Council had supplied Mum’s rise/recliner, she told me that rarely happens. I don’t know if Mum and I are lucky (touch wood) but between the NHS and council so far have been supplied with everything we need.

Glad your getting the assistance and supplies you need.