Why is PA pay lower than carer pay? My family member is Pa/ carer does a lot
and deserves payment :thinking:


Paid care workers ?

Minimum wage at least … by Law !

Any difference in the job description in the employment contract that would suggest a higher rate of pay ?

Who is the employer in this case ?

I hope NOT a family member " Employed " by their caree ???

Simple question really. Simply reading rules (Councils) PA pay is Lower than Carers pay
I’m from the old school ‘My PA helping in the office making the tea running errands!) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But we have moved on from that! Non family PA driving shopping etc AND personal care for someone? Why should that pay be lower than carer who comes in just for personal care?

That’s a question best asked of the leading trade union is this field … Unison ?

Public against private sector pay.

What’s their view ?

Well then…i can say ‘Carer’!! Not PA then🤔 not mattering what someone is physically
Doing just that PA is same as Carer! As I can prove doing it myself! No training ! gosh shock horror!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Just needing someone to help! Just saying that’s what the Council states!:thinking: