Information Re Direct payments Needed

Hello all, thanks for reading,
is there anyone else on direct payments who would knows the answer to my Question?

WHO sets the HOURLY rate payed by local authority?

if you employ an agency to direct care, do they get payed a higher rate than a person who organises their own care, if so WHY ?

What is the current hourly Rate set by local Authorities for both of these ?

How often is this reviewed ?

im asking on behalf of The Chap I’ve been caring for for 10 years on direct payments
we had a review earlier this year which we were told our support and dedication were excellent, and that we will be payed hourly rate for sleep in’s and appears we have had a pay rise as well… BUT I have found that …when we started this package we were at the same rate as a local agency where as now they seem to be being payed at least £5 PER HOUR more?

thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

where we live there are two rates for direct payments - one rate for employing an care worker through an agency and a lower rate for employing someone direct yourself, (if you use a payroll service then the costs of the service are added to the amount allocated.) In most cases, those employed directly get a better wage than the carer workers working for a agency as the agency takes a cut to make a profit and for running costs.