Our cares for Freeview Vitamin D

I received a letter today regarding the new rules for our Lockdown and in reading found that I had to apply for my husbands free vitamin D supply being isolating for so long and not receiving enough Sun to give the body enough vitamin D
This was truly appreciated But also in a way disappointing
As so many Carers have also been isolating since March and continue to be because of the fear of going out and passing it on to our cared for.
So in a way was expecting the same understanding and to also be allowed free vitamin D along side my husband. At times like these we feel forgotten and reminds us of how exhausting we actually feel
How do you feel about this?

Hi Vicki,

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Sadly, I’m not surprised.


I not usually a negative person. However nothing much as been done for unpaid carers though Covid-19. So I don’t expect anything soon. I find then one isn’t disappointed.

I just wanted to thank you, Vicki, for mentioning this. My husband received a letter yesterday but we have had so many we only briefly glanced at it & missed the Vitamin D section. Thank you for bringing this to our attention - quite why they thought it was a good idea to hide it in the middle of a multi-paged letter is beyond me.

We carers have been seriously overlooked throughout - no access to PPE, people struggling to get supplies for things like home ventilators etc. No extra money for those carers who have had to give up jobs in order to protect their carees…the list goes on. I did write to my MP - obviously I didn’t get a reply. Didn’t really expect one.

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