Opening post in care home

My son has severe learning difficulties and lives in a care home. I am his DWP appointee and usually all his letters are sent to me Today I received an e-mail from his care home manager detailing the contents of a letter from the DWP. I have asked for the letter to be forwarded to me but I am annoyed that the letter containing financial information was opened and read. Is it common practice for care homes to open mail addressed to residents?

Sounds like the DWP are more at fault than the care home.

My son has also had problems. Really important mail sent to his flat when I am his DWP appointee. Be sure to complain to DWP!

Both at fault. The manager of the home should have had the courtesy to let you know, and give a choice. Post it to you, wait to hand it to you, or, with your permission, open it and email to you or scan it over.It was addressed to you and its not for anyone else to open, unless as said with permission.

Thank you for your replies. I will contact DWP tomorrow to see why letter wasn’t sent directly to me.