Just need advice

My son who is 20 is autistic and has severe learning difficulties. To be honest he probably has the mental capability of a toddler. He is also non verbal and doesn’t understand the world around him.
He lives in a residential care home because he can be very violent and we struggled to cope with him at home.
My question is that the staff at the care home are opening his personal mail including bank statements etc. Although my wife is his official appointee.
Are they legally allowed to do this as it makes me feel rather uncomfortable that they can view all his personal information?
Hope someone can help. Many thanks.

Talk to the …


All this should be written in his care plan.

Your wife can make an official compliant through the care homes complaints policy. This should also be sent to social services. They will however want to know that the complaints procedures. For the care home have been followed.

My husband’s details re hmrc were opened once at the nursing home. No one would tell me who had done it. They could see his details, pension details etc. The manager said it shouldn’t have happened, as I had court of protection. It was made clear that any post, with the exception of NHS ( and even that must be told to me or my daughter’s) must be put in a perspex holder, in the office, and relatives be informed. She actually put a notice up for all relatives to check from time to time if any post had arrived for the resident.
I wasn’t happy, but it never happened again. I contacted the bank, and tax office to get reassurance that any official post would be sent care of me. It’s actually not legal to open post that doesn’t belong to you, unless you have officially sorted.Postal services act 2000.
Maybe request that they do not open your son’s post, and inform you when any arrives.

Why is it going to the home at all?
The appointee’s address should be used for all correspondence!
I would arrange a post office redirect too, just to make certain.
It is NONE of the home’s business.