Care home fees

Hi my dad went into a care home at the end of February I’ve sent all his bank statements to social services to show he didn’t have money to pay for his care but I’ve heard nothing from them his social worker won’t return my calls or texts am I supposed to sort his pension to pay partly for him I don’t have a clue can anyone advise me what I’m supposed to be doing it’s stressing me out and I can’t visit him which is awful thanks

Tracey, don’t worry. If dad doesn’t have any money, then Social Services will pay all his fees, less a portion of his pension, leaving him with roughly £30 a week for personal expenses, a paper, haircut, etc.
Have you told DWP he has moved? He will lose his Attendance Allowance/DLA.
Where was he living previously? Have you sorted everything else out for him?
When they get round to it, the council will do a formal financial assessment and should tell you full details.
Are you already his DWP Attorney, or do you have Power of Attorney?
Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks for your reply he was living with me I haven’t informed DWP I didn’t know. I didn’t claim anything for looking after him I know everything is done much slower now with what’s going on but I did think that I would have had something back from SS . I will call DWP on Monday . I’ve not had any information from the home he’s in is there anything I should sign or do they not need anything from me is everything sorted by SS .

Do NOT sign anything with the home. Only deal with Social Services.
Are you dad’s DWP Appointee or do you have Power of Attorney?

Ok I won’t thanks for warning me no I don’t have POA will that be a problem to sort stuff out with DWP

No, you just need to become dad’s Appointee instead. Look up the full details through Google. It’s a simple process, just make sure that you open a separate bank account and keep dad’s money separate. DW P will tell you what to do.

Thank you I have access to my dads account his pension is paid into it so it’s separate thanks for your help