Contacting DWP advice

Morning everyone

Posting on the off chance anyone knows a way of contacting DWP other than via a phone number. Mum is in receipt of AA but currently in hospital waiting for assessment of care home so there will be some changes. She is not and never will be able to deal with it all herself so wanting to become an appointee to act on her behalf.

I found a phone line which ive rung and they said theyd ring back but never heard back. Yes I could ring again but i work full time and have a lot of other stuff to sort besides. Anyone know of an email address or any other suggestions?


The only other way I know to contact the DWP is via the letter, the address will be on the AA letter and you should quote your mum’s NI Number.

Thanks for replying. I dont have the letter unfortunately and mum will say it was stolen if asked!! Ill persist with the phone calls, just seems so strange they don’t have an email or website!

Google “Attendance Allowance Unit” and choose the .gov site.
There is a very short address there.
No postcode even, but clearly DWP and Royal Mail are working together on this. A friend of mine worked for DWP, apparently Royal Mail open and do a preliminary sort of all DWP correspondence!

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You could go to the job centre, someone should be able to help you out.

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Thank you all. Ive sent to the postal address for now so will see what happens!!

DaisyJo did you send it ‘signed for’? The DWP are notorious for denying something has been sent/received.