OFSTED Whistleblower admits system loses safety complaints

Hello. My name is Jason Barnett I’m a teacher who’s worked mainly in Special Education for over 20 years. I have honestly registered with the aim of raising this issue for carers, so hope thats OK to do etiquette wise on the board.

It recently came to light, as evidenced in the linked video, where I discuss the case with Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner, that OFSTED and Department for Education procedures for addressing complaints were so flawed and unaccountable to complainants, that it resulted in a number of children subjected in a school, to acts of extreme violence without investigation, over a period of 4 years to date.

After having had raised the concerns with numerous individuals over the 4 year period, Angela Rayner finally accepted on camera, that the failings in the system had allowed the children to continue to be hurt up to the present day and that the same system effects every child in every school across the country but said she was powerless to do anything about the failings, until she was in power.

Damian Hinds’s office and the DfE have refused to investigate the failings and whether or not even more children are at risk of harm and I would like to know if any carers have had issues i the past, with failing to get a satisfactory feedback on the outcome of any complaints they have raised and if this is a more widespread issue.

If possible if you do have any input, please also comment on the Youtube video, where as the conversation grows, I can use it as a tool to encourage politicians to see that parents are concerned and that someone needs to act.