OCD and anxiety


I am newly registered unpaid carer for my teenage daughter who is under the care of CAHMS for OCD and anxiety. We are seeing little progress with improving her mental health and I feel like it’s one step forwards and two steps back. She is meeting the medical team in a few weeks to discuss medication as her brain is such a sandstorm she can’t seem to engage with any of the strategies or breathing techniques.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how I can encourage her to try the strategies or even engage please? She finds it hard to open up and I am struggling to keep her going as well as myself and work.

Thank you

Hello Jane

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you and your daughter are struggling at the moment. I’m sure someone with more mental health experience will be along to offer support but I just wanted to point out our working carers resources as you are entitled to ask for support from your employer:


Mind also have a resource on supporting people with OCD which might be helpful:

Best wishes


Hi & welcome Jane

Sorry for all you and your daughter are experiencing.

How old she your daughter?