Caring for boyfriend with OCD

Hi all, i am new to the forum. Am looking for advice, chats, support with anyone who cares for a person suffering from OCD.
I have been with my boyf for 10 yrs and altho he has always had the disorder, he has got much worse in the last 6 yrs.
I work f/t and since covid, he has not been able to work. He does get PIP but not entitled to other benefits.

He has started his second round of CBT and attends a support group but its so hard as there is no support for carers. Its a misunderstood disorder and things can go from ok to disasterous in minutes. Its hugley frustrating and lonely at times.

It would be good to chat with anyone else in a similar situation.


HI Jenny and welcome,

I’m not sure if any current members are caring for someone with OCD, though we have had members in the past who have.

You might find support on the Mind website too