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Care at home

The Army of unpaid carers propping up the system

Frank Petch, featured in the film was a lovely man. When we were at a lorry show in Preston long ago, he invited us into his lorry/caravan and we had a cuppa and long chat. How can someone with such a high level of need not qualify for Continuing Healthcare?!?!?!

Heartbreaking to say the least. Bureaucracy gone mad. Like people are saying on the CHC Crowdfunding site;

The system is unjust and scandalous. CCG’s are not following the National Framework for CHC and also they are placing nurses in an unethical and unlawful position.

The current situation is an absolute disgrace where taxpayers are deprived of any form of justice, but in the meantime the |Government can waste billions of pounds of our money on vanity projects and incompetance.

Ed Balls film about the home, especially Frank, could be a game changer.
How can CHC funding be denied for someone who is falling out of bed, can’t do anything for himself?

The rules are clear, if you need more care than Social Services can lawfully provide then you are entitled to CHC.

They say a picture says a thousand words and I think this could be the film that leads to a wake up call at the highest level that CHC is an absolute scandal.
My own mum was denied CHC, she couldn’t even roll over in bed, needed a hoist and 2 people to get out of bed, she couldn’t eat unaided, or clean her teeth. In fact when her dentist saw her at the home she rang me to complain that the home weren’t making any effort to clean her teeth at all, and she was VERY concerned about the amount of weight mum had lost. So was I. No one listened.
This was one of the best nursing homes in the New Forest, fees £1,000+ per week!

Couldn’t agree with you more BB. Lets hope it is a game-changer and massive wake up call, together with the Channel 4 programme; Elderly people with complex health needs being denied free care – Channel 4 News, hopefully they’ll have covered a wide enough audience. The NHS is free from the cradle to the grave for everyone.

I just watched it and hope that some big changes are made. Those carers work so hard for an average of £9.50 an hour. The stress they have been under during the covid crisis is unimaginable.

I had to call at my Late Mum’s care home yesterday and spoke to the Manager through the window and 15 members of staff have left in the last year because they are absolutely stressed out.

My Mum was in one care home for 8 months and they were not nice to Mum but the second was excellent and Mum was there for 3 years. I added up the cost of all that which she funded herself by selling her very modest home and it was £141,000!!

I noticed that Ed Balls mentioned that if, say, a person was funded by social services their bill was £3,000 a month. If they were self funding they got exactly the same rooms, care, food etc but paid £4,000 a month. I cannot work out how anybody thinks that system is fair.

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