Nottingham Care homes for younger people (61)

Facing horribly tough choices regarding my mum’s care at the minute… Don’t really want to go into it but can anyone help?..

She is only 61 with memory problems (not true dementia) and severe anxiety, does anyone know of any care homes in Nottingham area that may be suited to her age and situation? .

I have got info of care homes from her social worker but sometimes homes are registered for younger adults but then don’t have any so it’s tough and I would rather ask people their opinions.

Also if anyone has anything to say regarding extra care sheltered housing in Notts? Thanks

Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum.

It’s horrible having to make this sort of decision.
Try to focus on what she NEEDS because neither of you WANT to be in this situation.
Have you had a look at the care quality commission website, which will tell you about the places available. Sadly, there will be very few.

Do you have Power of Attorney?
Is mum claiming Disability Living Allowance or PIP?
Is she currently claiming Council Tax Exemption for “Severe Mental Impairment”. That a horrible, official term I’m afraid.
Does mum own or rent her home? Do you live with her?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings (Yes/No)

I know this looks like a random set of questions, but your answers will help us to help you find the best situation.

Have a look at independen/sheltered living schemes in your area. They can be called by different titles. Some provide extra staff.

Mum’s quite young for a care home. The above might be a better option but you know your Mum’s needs.

I would have another conversation with the Social Worker. As to why she feels a care home would fit Mum’s requirements.